Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another From the Annals of Younger Brotherhood

Walking back from the pool with the family on a gorgeous sunny Memorial Day.

Me: Mac, what's your school called?

Mac: Poopy!

Me: No, that's not right. What's it called?

Mac: Big poopy!

I sense that things will probably get worse from here. Why wouldn't they?


Anonymous said...

Mac is an amazing chatterbox! I am looking forward to more younger brotherhood posts.

LH said...

He has an amazing and delightful sense of humor. Yay Mac. And Shef too.

Jill said...

Since I am on a roll commenting on your blog, I will add this:
Two days ago when we were done swimming at the Y I decided to just cover JJ up with a towel and change him out of his suit poolside. I helped him get his underwear and shorts on, at which point he commented that he had to fix his penis so it was pointing down. Then he told me it was too bad that I didn't have a penis, because if I did I could pee standing up. He next mentioned that Daddy had a really big penis - "ginormous" in fact.
The woman in the chair next to me had tears rolling down her face from laughter.

KC said...

Jill, u could pee standing up with Go Girl. Have younseen that crazy device??

Jill said...

No, but I will let JJ know. Thanks for the tip. ;)