Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Drawing Ever

It's finally the end of the year. It's seemed like the end of the year for about a month for myriad reasons, but now we're really and truly there. Only final exams and grading remain. I've even taken down classroom decorations because, as I mentioned before, I'm giving up the smallest room in the school in favor of a normal-sized space with plenty of leg room for thirty senior boys.

I've never taught senior boys before, but Rachel has, and from what she tells me it seems like there will be a lot of blog fodder, among other things. Like fart jokes and swearing and many many awkward moments when I'll be forced to advise against drugs and for birth control.

Anyway, I've been taking down the decorations, including a sign I put on the outside of my room, identifying myself and the classes I teach. It's a weird little sign that I hand-wrote the night of parent open house. I remember hanging it, but I'd forgotten why I put it on the wall instead of the door and why I didn't bother printing something out.

When I took it off, the memories came flooding back: That night, I'd had about thirty seconds before the parents arrived to cover up the giant penis drawing I'd just discovered above my room number plaque. A penis drawing in fine-tipped permanent marker.

Oh summer. I'll be so happy to see you again next Wednesday. So, so happy.


Erik said...

This pretty much made my day. And since when does teaching ANY high school guys not involve advising against drugs and for birth control?

LH said...

This is v. funny. Happy Almost Summer!