Friday, June 11, 2010

A Fork the Size of Texas

Today was the last day of school. I'm sad to say it wasn't the Best Year Ever. Of course there were some great highlights. In terms of awesomeness of students and quality of intellectual work, this year surely contends for B.Y.E. However, if we're looking at overall experience, 2006-07 was definitely a better year, as was 2002-03. In those years, no parents wrote on a survey that I don't actually do any work or care about students' academic development, and instead that I just play on my computer all day "for personal reasons."

I wish the mom who wrote those asinine things had signed her name to my survey because I would have called her up to ask if she realized everything I sacrificed to teach her daughter in a blended class this year. LADY, I would say, I GAVE UP TELEVISION FOR YOU! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S PLAYING ON BRAVO! I WAS SIX WEEKS BEHIND ON BIGGEST LOSER! ALL FOR YOU!

Still, the most important thing about this year at this point, is that it's over. My grades are reported, my materials are checked in, and my stuff is safely locked in the closet in my brand new room.

Also, our adorable second child turned two. Mac is the greatest, obviously. That's why I got him a trike. I think he'll like it.


Anonymous said...

What great looking boys!

anne said...

Congratulations, KC--you deserve the Best Summer Ever!

LH said...

I bet a million other people wrote accurate statements of gratitude on their surveys. It's always the weirdos that get/keep our attention.
You're a phenomenal teacher. Congrats on one of the greatest years ever.