Wednesday, June 11, 2014

EQ10: M ≠ C

I realized in my last post that it sounds like I'm controlling Mac's reading choices.  You guys, I am so not.  Mom is not (always) Controlling.  My own mom let me read whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to, and I've always valued and admired this parenting choice.

So, I also let the children read whatever and whenever they want.  It can be problematic, let me tell you; but censorship is also problematic.

The issue with Mac and the chapter books is that he actually can't decode and comprehend the books on his own. This doesn't always stop him.  Kid powers through those pages sounding out the words and using the pictures to build the meaning.  But wouldn't it be more fun to read AND understand?

Under the assumption that the answer to this question is YES, I checked out five easy readers and dropped them in his library bag.

Every night, he takes the easy readers out of the library bag and puts them on my bed.

"Stop putting your books in here," he told me.

Makes me laugh so hard.

Early literacy peeps, what should I do in this situation?  Follow the child into the A to Z mysteries?


Anonymous said...

Will he read picture books that have chapter book characters like Flat Stanley, Young Cam Jansen, Ready Freddy? My first/second kids will read these first before I give them the longer chapter books of these characters. I am pretty "controlling" as well, but the choice is from a range of books that are appropriate for them.

KC said...

Great suggestions, N! I will get these from the library this week.

Anonymous said...

I also remembered about the Black Lagoon series -it is story/comic book like. And, the kids LOVE any National Geographic NF books--especially the joke books!!! (Great photos!) Andy Griffith's Big Fat Cow Goes Kapow and Fat Cat goes Splat are also fun! I love matching kids with books!!!

Anonymous said...

One more and then I'll stop, I promise--I think its Dav Pilkey Dragon books.

LH said...

Nance is a master with the matching.

KC said...

Thanks, N!!!! We will go on a mission to find these. I knew one of you B-town primary goddesses would have me covered, and I was RIGHT. ;)

mm said...

Reading is reading... whatever it is!