Friday, May 30, 2014

EQ4: 2F + 34SS - 16NC = FL

We're almost there!  This is 2 Finals, 33 Short Stories, minus 16 Narrative Comments that I've already written = Finish Line.

I skipped a couple of monomials in this little expression, most notably the remaining 48 narrative comments.  But, I'm strong and (co) efficient, and I can get it done.

In the midst of ending this year, we're also prepping for next year.  Our 6th grade Humanities team is designing some new learning spaces.  One will be a totally blank canvas, which we are modeling on the Hillbrook iLab.  The biggest difference between our space and theirs is that we won't have rolling whiteboards.  That's because most of the wall space in our room will be whiteboarded.  Our other new space is a large, traditional classroom.  I'm looking for ways to work without a teacher desk to save space and visually change the teacher-student dynamic.

Who has ideas for interesting classroom design?  I'm getting obsessed.


mm said...

Although I still have a teacher desk, I basically sit at it to check e-mails and take attendance. It seems archaic. I'm sure you'll have great ideas.

jdoc said...

I love those rolling white boards that double as desks. So cool. Can I visit your school sometime next year? Seriously.

LH said...

I hope I don't have a teacher desk. There are some pretty good pinterest sites on classroom design. They might be good. I'm not sure. I've got to spend some time with that Hilbrook Link.

A new space is v. exciting.