Monday, June 15, 2015

A Dog Story

Major Gratitude Here.  Goldendoodle. #4
You might know how much I've longed for a dog.  I thought I'd be really smart about it and adopt an adult dog that had already been trained by someone else.  In the process, I'd also be giving a worthy dog a home.  Win-win.  Except, no.

My first try at that was the craziest dog in the world, Pronto.  Pronto attacked the children and could not be left alone with them, even after about one thousand dollars worth of training.  It basically was a nightmare.  He went back to the rescue and got adopted by some other sucker kind-hearted individual.

A year later, we got Skip.  Skip is a dream - lap dog, snuggly, loves our children.  The issue with Skip is that he hates other people's children.  He bit three of them in the year that we had him.  It's not practical, as it turns out, to have a dog that bites other people's kids.  Skip went to live with Uncle Kevin, and they love each other a lot.

So, then, in my quest for a dog, I decided we needed to raise a puppy and socialize him from birth with children and other dogs.  And, I thought I'd pick a reputable breeder and have information about the dog's lineage.  And, I thought I'd pick a breed that's known for loving children, rather than terrier mixes that are known for biting them.  The trade-off here is that I'll have to train him, which is why I got him on June 14th.  I will be accessible for full-time training for many weeks.  So I got Teddy.  He's a medium-sized Goldendoodle.  He's ours.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?  I've got this.  Just wook at that face!


mm said...

He is pretty dang cute.

LH said...

He really is the sweetest pup ever.

LH said...

I hope he doesn't bite anyone.