Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#TwinTuesday June Gratitude #9

It's #TwinTuesday, and it's chalk full of gratitude, as well.  First, we have the paws of the puppy.  That dog, I'm proud to say, was the absolute star of Puppy Kindergarten last night.  Other puppies were tearing around the place, chewing on other dogs and their owners, screaming their heads off.  Teddy Bridgewater was not.  He understood all of the obedience concepts swiftly.  Some other dog parents looked at me with jealousy in their eyes.  I wanted to tell them, "Hey.  Don't worry about it.  I tried it like you're trying it before with the deserving pound dogs. But this time, I paid for this nugget.  This, my friends, is why you shell out the big bucks for the designer dog with the guaranteed temperament."

Next, we have belongings of each of my sons.  Flip Flop is Shef's.  Car is Mac's. If you've met my sons or read about them before, you know any parent of theirs would be exceedingly grateful.

Third, I have LH who also has a flipflop and matchbox.  This gal rocks it hard core, day in-day out.  Not just anyone can bring it like Dr. H.

Thanks, Peeps and Pup!  And thanks, #TwinTuesday!


LH said...

V. pleased about Teddy's performance.
And your sons are way awesome, imho.

Tuesday, let's do this.

mm said...

I'm not lying when I said I saw #twintuesday in my Feedly feed and became excited. This shows that you two are awesome and that I needed this little boost this morning!