Sunday, June 28, 2015


Well, it was a work weekend at Camp.  I did a multitude of interesting jobs, including editing and proofreading, envelope stuffing, data entry, awards checking and preparing, transportation food pack-out, cabin folder prep, and other necessary and fun tasks.  Mac was a super camper, and I hardly saw him except to apply sunscreen and put him to bed.

Plus, I got to see the most amazing Camp Women, an inspiring mother-daughter team who are at the top of their field.

There was no time for #NovelSnip, but there was time for community living at its finest.  I'll get to it later this week on a surprise day, probably!  I need to really dig into it and think about these next pivotal scenes with Norah.  Then, I probably have to go back to the beginning of Norah and add in some other scenes.  She's coming alive bit by bit.


lee said...

I want to visit Camp Foley.

Looking forward to more #novelsnip

mm said...

It's totally understandable that #novelstrip is not appearing this week. Have fun at camp.