Monday, June 22, 2015

June Gratitude #7

As you know, Mac's required to read a book per week.  Last week it was a Magic Treehouse about pandas.  I read to him every evening, but he also needs to read to himself each day.

"Not now," he says whenever I tell him it would be a good time to get some pages done.  Other responses include, "After this show," "In a few minutes," and "UGH!"

"Mac," said Dan, supporting my efforts, "you're going to be very sad when you can't use any electronics because you didn't finish your book."

"I'LL READ IT AT MY BEDTIME," he screamed.  And sure enough, there he sat next to his bed with tears in his eyes, aggressively finishing the last seven pages last night at 9:30pm.

It's lucky I'm so committed to his literacy skill development, or else this child would be a master at getting me to give it up.


mm said...

It's not surprising that many of our kids are non-readers. It takes a lot of work for the parent and child. Go KC and Mac!

Jill said...

Things like this are so funny when it is not your own kid.
I love the image of aggressive reading.

LH said...

I like Civil War on Sunday and Buffalo Before Breakfast.
Does Mac have a fave Magic Tree House???