Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Gratitude #6

An expression of gratitude from the family of one of my advisees

I'd like to discuss a meat product called Braunschweiger. Teddy's breeder recommends this human-grade "sausage" as a training treat for her dogs.  It seems to work well in that capacity, as Teddy has achieved great success in potty training, sitting, and recall.

My concern about Braunschweiger is that it seems that people actually eat it.  I bought it next to the baloney in the human grocery store.

Braunschweiger's properties include spreadability, play-doh consistency, and cloying odor.  I googled this food and discovered it's also known as liverwurst.  The first ingredient is pork livers.  I located some recipes that feature this product.  You can make Braunschweiger Loaf, Braunschweiger Dip, and Braunschweiger Balls. 


I can't, in good conscience, recommend human consumption of spreadable meat products.  They seem super questionable. 


lee said...

I think I used to eat braunschweiger sandwiches when I was younger. I recall liking them. I'm happy Teddy is getting some high quality treats.

KC said...

I think I might have eaten it as a child, as well. But, I no longer find it appealing.

mm said...

My guess is that I will not see a recipe for Braunschweiger on Pronto Pumps blog.