Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Be Good to Me

Shef was in my class yesterday because we made some new groupings to do a simulation game called Star Power.  It was a pretty fun experience to work together, and the kid has actually expressed some regret lately about NOT being in my class.

"You let your advisory take selfies!" he said.

It's true, I did.  Apparently, it makes you cool to post a selfie with your advisor on social media?  

I'm sorry, but there was no way to predict that I'd be part of any "cool" behaviors on the part of sixth graders.

"I just want to be in your class," he said.

I am shocked, but also pleased.  Does this make sense?

In any case, he was in my class yesterday and right in the middle of some directions, he just stood up from his chair, walked over to another kid, and stole that kid's baseball cap from his head.

"Shef," I said.  "Unacceptable."  I pointed at his chair.

He gave me a little sly smile, and we carried on.  I have standards and these apply to my own child. Duh.


LH said...

I like Shef's test the waters attitude.

We all want to be in your class, btw.

mm said...

I agree with LH!