Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This is a wild combo that no one could have seen coming.  Dragon and garlic?!  Are we even serious?! 

Lucky for me, I suddenly have no shortage of small stuffed animals.  This is because at one point in her adult life, my mom, who is an academic with a Ph.D. and a top-notch mind, was obsessed with Beanie Babies.  Now that she's moving from the home of my childhood, she can't accommodate the hundreds of adorables she's collected.  Do you know who's happy to take them off her hands?  

Obviously it's Mac.

I did ask him for 10 to take to school for my advisees to hold during advisory.  I think they'd really enjoy that.  Mac is thinking about it.  I'm thinking about stealing them and keeping my actions a secret.

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mm said...

I love the idea of putting them in the hands of your advisory.