Monday, October 5, 2015

Grandma Take Me Home

I've got a car that a lot of other people have.  This is probably because it's the best car.  Have you ever driven a Toyota Sienna Miniature Van?  If not, I'll just go ahead and say it: you are MISSING OUT.

Anyway, since so many people are hip to this sleek driving experience, I often park near other dark grey Toyota Sienna Miniature Vans.  On Friday at Dairy Queen, I parked right next to one.  We walked out with our Blizzards, and Shef and I hopped in the front seats. Mac was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Mac?!" I said, exasperated, because usually if you can't find that kid it's because he's incredibly slow.

"He's IN THE WRONG VAN!" Shef shouted, looking through his window and spying a befuddled Mac scanning the back of an identical vehicle.  Mac looked up with wide eyes and saw us in the van next door.  We all got a good laugh out of that.

And then, later in the same week, I tried to get into a chic gray van just like mine.  "Hey," I thought as I opened the door, "I didn't leave Camel Lights in the cupholder."

No, I sure didn't.  And I don't smoke regularly in my car.  Turns out that van wasn't mine.  I closed that door right up and walked down the row to the one with the tree marks on the back.  That's a dead giveaway.  Not every Sienna owner backs into trees.

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mm said...

Poor Mac must have been scared. BTW I'm glad that you realized soon that the Camel Lights weren't yours.