Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This is perhaps the most random pairing we've ever had.  Ungulate and jar?  Who's ever heard of such a thing.  Thanks to #TwinTuesday, we now all have.

Would you like an update on the Severe Psoriasis Face Outbreak of 2015?  Here goes: Lucky for me, I was indeed able to procure and pay for 534 dollars worth of ointments and solutions designed to abate my symptoms.  The symptoms have incrementally improved, I'm going to say, due to the efficacy of these expensive products.  On the down side, I did have to do a parent-teacher conference with a full facial psoriatic outbreak.  I didn't enjoy that, but I set a good example for my advisee by soldiering onward and getting the job done.  You don't have to be pretty to run a good conference.  But, I'm going to say that it helps.

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jhw said...

You are strong, and I am very proud of you! Glad the products are helping.