Thursday, October 1, 2015

Status Report

Fall to Winter: Cooler weather seems to be on the way.  I wore my special-order hockey mom beanie to walk the dog this morning.  Then, I remembered  about actually being a hockey mom. The hours in rinks and the unending try outs and the out-of-town tourneys.  Mac's got his first game next weekend as a goalie in his regular league.  I think the job of Goalie Mom is going to be a special kind of anxiety-ridden hell.  I'll let you know.  But, I'm pretty sure I'm right about that.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a total wreck watching people firing plastic slabs at my tiny baby.

Meditation: I've got a new app called Omvana.  I'm digging it.  So far, I've worked on love.  Love isn't a challenge for me, really.  I feel generally compassionate.  Of course, there's always room for improvement, and I've been working on breathing out love to encompass the entire world.  Blowing up love like a balloon to cushion all of the people.  I'm now ready for gratitude instruction.  I'll be honest and say that gratitude fails me in key moments.  Maybe Vishen, my Omvana guy, can fix that.

Dog: I'm sorry to say that Dan's love and compassion and gratitude for Teddy are failing.  It's not Teddy's fault that he's a teenager.  After my weekend away, Dan said, "Never leave us again.  We can't do it without you."  "That's not true," I said.  "You just don't like taking care of the dog."  He agreed that this was actually the case.


Melanie said...

Do you like the app better than Headspace? I love trying new apps!

KC said...

Try it! Here's what I like about it: There are a lot of free tracks to try. And then, you purchase by track or program, rather than by subscription. I think it'll be more cost effective for me. Right now I'm doing the free "Envision" series.

LH said...

Maybe I'll try OMvara as well.