Friday, August 5, 2011


In a minute, I'm hopping in the car and driving up to Camp Foley, my old stomping ground.

My friends Alli and Marie let me do a bit of work up there in exchange for Shef's camp tuition. Isn't that so nice? I LOVE them! My job is to read and edit a bunch of stuff, which is obviously right up my alley. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the drafts first thing tomorrow.

In addition to doing that editing work, I get to be part of the awesome camp community for a few days - singing, dancing, being silly, and not cooking or cleaning. I think we can all agree this situation is win-win.

*photo c/o Camp's website


mm said...

Win-win... enjoy!

LH said...

Go Foley! I have loved this place for years, via word savvy.

jdoc said...

Looking forward to a Foley story or two.

dw said...

Well, we wish you were here at the cabin with us, but hopefully you're having a good time.

KC said...

I miss pronto and the boys too, OF COURSE. I sat on my butt reading for 12 hours today, so I'd be having more fun w you. But, I still do like it here.