Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Dawn of a New Millennium

This morning, the three of us gathered in the bathroom to have a little family conference about the day’s agenda. I was getting ready for work, and Shef was pretending to put on make-up. This is a necessary hobby, although one Dan doesn’t quite approve. The kid likes to open up the compact and rub a little powder on his face. Also, he runs the eye shadow brush over his cheeks and eyelids a bit.

“I’m putting on make-up, Daddy!” he sings, and Dan has to breathe into a paper bag; but at least I get a chance to brush my teeth.

Anyway, I was discussing what Shef and I would do after I picked him up this afternoon, and I said, “I think we’ll go to the M-U-S-E-U-M.”

“Yeah,” Shef said. “Go to museum.”

It was a split-second before we realized that our game was up.

“What do you see at the Z-O-O, Shef?” Dan asked, testing him.

“Dolphin show!” Shef said, nodding. “Yay!!”

And so, it seems, we’re screwed.


jdoc said...

G-E-N-I-U-S. What a boy. Make-up and all.

jm said...

Now, THAT'S impressive! Someday I might be voting for your son - with pride! Or he could be saving my life! Or he could be helping me pick out the PERFECT dress!

LH said...

the paper bag detail made me lol.

KC said...

sthis afternoon, i asked shef how you spell "shef," and he said, "um. m." so, i think we'll be okay for a little while.

lh, this story reminded me of ros and her p-a-c-i, or whatever you called it,

LH said...

when r was little we always spelled the pacifier, as the P. o. P. one night when she was in the bath she screamed out, "mom! I need the P.o.P!" we felt like idiots.

cg said...

Heheh loved this entry!! Elrich does his make-up in the morning as well. Does Shef enjoy the museum? I have been hesitant to take e to inside places, just think that he would cause havoc.