Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Five Readers Deserve the Truth

Due to the trouble James Frey has encountered regarding apparent untruths in A Million Little Pieces, which I am heartily enjoying despite the controversy, I feel I should offer a disclaimer:

Anything I write regarding Shef is accurate because I don't have a baby book, and this site serves to alleviate a little of the guilt stems from this fact.

However, when I write about other stuff, I sometimes make up dialogue. Sometimes, I also change what people are wearing or who was there or how mean strangers were to me. And oftentimes I make myself sound more pathetic/ugly/haggard/self-conscious/neurotic/stressed-out than I think I actually am.

None of this is done with malicious intent.

Just so you know.


LH said...

Truth or not, I love it all,
A loyal reader.

jm said...

You are my blogging guru! And what is the truth? Does it even exist? Don't we make up our lives as we go along anyway? Skicklers for the truth live very sad lives....
Another loyal reader

jdoc said...

As a card-carrying member of the Savvy Mom fan club, I don't give a rat's ass about the "truth." Just love reading the blog.

KC said...

thanks friends.

i'm glad you like the embellishments. i liked frey's embellishments, too.