Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Red Letter Day

In the mail today, I got the Suggestion book Lee blogged about a little bit ago. I bought it because I’m very susceptible to the power of suggestion, but this turned out to be a great purchase.

My favorite suggestion is, “Give me a break Irma.”

On top of this boon, my mom got the new People in her mail today. Since we live here, I’m allowed to get the mail, and on the cover of the mag, Ms. Jolie flaunts her “bump,” as they like to call it. I’m totally reading all about the Brangelina baby before I go to bed.

On top of all this good luck, tonight is a good night for two other reasons: 1) I turned in my paper this weekend, so that’s a huge load off; and 2) I’m watching Gilmore Girls. They’re so funny, and Sherilyn Fenn is on the show now. Also I love Kirk. He just never gets old. If you’re not watching GG, you should be. Tivo that stuff pronto – the WB, 8/7 central. Also you can Netflix the old ones or catch the reruns on ABC Family. Get going and catch up.


jdoc said...

I treated myself to that People over the weekend. I keep reading and rereading it.

GG on DVD. Sounds like my weekend is planned.

LH said...

i didn't get my book yet. so that's odd. gg. haven't ventured there yet. are they still on the air? rosalyn quizzed me on the teen people fotos yesterday. I identified about 20% of the photos correctly. gotta work on that.

KC said...

are gg still on the air?! well, of course!! new shows every tuesday night. i swear to god they're good. you both need to get watching. start with the first season.

lh, i ordered my book on barnes and noble, so that may be the difference. and i heartily thank you for the recommendation.

mj said...

What's the suggestion book? I definitely need suggestions. And I'm going to order gg on netflix.

KC said...

m -- click that link to lee's blog -- in the entry i linked, she tells about the book. :)

also, you won't regret getting the girls. solid choice