Thursday, January 5, 2006

A Joke Only a Middle-Schooler Could Love

As you may know, we’re staying at my mom’s during the destruction project at our house. This is my childhood home, and our rooms – my brother’s and mine – were left pretty much untouched when we left for college.

I cleaned mine out when we moved in to make room for Shef, but Kevin’s shelves are still covered with relics from high school, including two baseballs signed by some members of the Minnesota Twins.

For some reason, Shef is obsessed with the balls, and so he says things like:

“Touch Kevin’s balls.”

“Hold Kevin’s balls”


“See Kevin’s balls again.”

If you’re not laughing it means you’re more mature than Dan and me, which I guess might not be all that surprising.


LH said...

I keep coming and back and reading this, because when I get down to the picture I laugh whole heartedly, even though I feel kind of like I shouldn't. But then I come back and do it again. So...well done!

jdoc said...

Laughing out loud as I type. Ha!

Undomestic said...

Very funny!!!!