Sunday, October 12, 2008

Door-Knockers for Obama

Because this is the most important election of my life so far, I volunteered to canvass our neighborhood for Obama. I hate door-knocking so much. I also hate answering my door when other people knock, so now I have a sign up saying, "Please don't knock, thank you very much." But still, I felt compelled to volunteer to do this terrible job.

Luckily, Dan, Shef, and Mac decided to knock with me. As we walked, Dan told me I had better improve my attitude, and fast. He was right, so I assumed a cheerful disposition.

Still, I was happiest in the following scenarios: 1) It was Dan's turn to knock; 2) The voter was not at home; 3) The voter had moved, as indicated by a new name on the mailbox; or 4) The voter had a sign saying, "Please don't knock."


KC said...

someone told me today that for every 12 voters you talk to by door-knocking, one will vote that wouldn't have before. so, i do feel it's worthwhile. but i still hate it.

LH said...

your whole family deserves something special. maybe a weekend at the water theme park you have up there.
awesome job, dears.

jdoc said...

All I've done is order buttons that have not arrived. Very proud of you.

KC said...

if anyone wants to knock, i still have some names left. we could do it together, and then have coffee at my house afterward.