Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parents for Obama

Shef's new school has a lot of events you're supposed to go to and mingle with the other parents and become their best friends. So far, we've had the new student picnic, the first-day-of-school coffee, back-to-school night, parent coffee after drop-off (nannies invited too!!), and pre-kindergarten open house. And this weekend, there's Parent Party on Saturday from 5:30-7:30. We also have drop-off and pick-up every day, which offer multiple opportunities for socializing.

I think I've met most of the pre-k parents now, and here's a sample of how each introduction goes:

Other parent: Hi, I don't think we've met.
Me: Hi, I'm KC, Shef's mom.
OP: OH! Shef's mom! We've heard a lot about Shef at home!!
Me: Ah! [nervous giggle] Well, I know he really likes playing with your child. [and here I try to insert a specific story or piece of information about the other kid in question, if at all possible]

I ask you, how could it be true that EVERY parent hears a lot about Shef at home? I have a feeling this isn't such a good sign.


Rachel said...

I like the "insert specific story about child here" line. It's the good parent/teacher conference trick. For the record, I'm terrible at that trick.

AmyRobynne said...

We haven't had quite that many parent meet-up events, although we did just do the parent party last weekend. To my happy surprise, I found a room full of introverted science-types and holed up with them for two hours. Found out that someone in the afternoon class even lives in my official school district. Not that Peter's likely to befriend a girl in the afternoon class.

And he never, ever talks about the other kids at home. We'd be the one exception to your rule. I have tried and tried to get him to talk about the other kids -- who does he like to sit next to/play with/anything. I'm half convinced that he never speaks to anyone but the teachers. But he does love the projects.