Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dorks for Obama

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Shef's first skating lesson and how we all spouted lines from Ice Princess the whole time we were at the rink.

Well, that super-fun activity has continued from Saturday to Saturday. We start on the way there, and then we continue for the duration of the lesson and on into skate removal and return.

We've done the lines of all the characters, including a supporting skater called Nikki Fletcher, aka The Jumping Shrimp.

"A BLT, hold the B, heavy on the L."

"Well, if it isn't The Leaping Dwarf. It's the JUMPING SHRIMP, actually. Like that's an improvement."

"Six months with Tina and she's going to whip my BUTT!!"

This really cracks us up, and it never seems to get old.

Last week, midway through the lesson, when Dan and I were yukking it up with our usual pitter-pat of IP dialogue, I noticed that one of the really good skaters looked pretty familiar. I stared at her while she put some stuff into a bag monogrammed with her name.

"Um, Dan," I whispered, "I think that girl IS The Jumping Shrimp."

He tried to look at her surreptitiously, but she probably noticed. Then, he got out his smart phone and we checked it out on IMDB.

Sure enough. Nikki Fletcher skates at Shef's rink. And she's probably heard us acting out her feature film every week in the small lobby. We've had finer moments, surely.


Tim K. said...

susan here - i'm using tim's blogger account because i'm too lazy to log in using my own.

love the post about ice princess - that is priceless. i think shef needs to go ask her for her autograph next time you see her.

btw, you're welcome to use our washer/dryer anytime! i'll be using it myself this afternoon, as jack had a rather remarkable diaper blowout this morning (of course, just as we were heading out the door to ECFE). i didn't know whether to be disgusted or impressed.

abby said...

Thank you for spelling "yukk" properly, unlike my archnemesis Katherine Kerstin in a recent article.

Btw, that's a hilarious story. I feel like I need to check out this Ice Princess business.

Undomestic said...

Okay, that's really funny! What are the chances of that happening?