Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Wasn't Going for Elegant, Heidi

I support Joe Biden for Vice President. Biden chairs the senate Foreign Relations Committee. Although Sarah Palin says she keeps watch for Putin's ugly head from her house in Alaska, I still think Joe is the more qualified to contribute to important foreign policy decisions.


jdoc said...

Yes. Go Joe! I purchased some Obama/Biden buttons today, FYI.

Rachel said...

I have to stop posting about my hatred for Sarah Palin on my blog, so I'll just say here:

Go Joe. Go Barack.

I'm anxiously awaiting my three "free" Obama t-shirts that I got with a small campaign donation. I'm considering wearing them to school. We'll see just how brave I am.

LH said...

I thought Joe did a great job last night.

Catharine said...

speaking of great jobs, do i get a point for picking jerrell to win prw last week?