Monday, July 5, 2010


EARS, obviously.

My ears, while not as offensive as my feet (I know because Dan has never referred to them as "troll ears"), are still not the best.

When I was born, they stuck way out to the sides. They stuck out so much that when the lady from the adoption agency called my parents to tell them I'd arrived, she decided she'd better warn them about the ears.

"We have a beautiful baby girl for you," she said, "but her do ears stick out."

Later, I had a surgery to make them not do that, and so ended my ear saga.

That is, until this last winter.

All of a sudden, I noticed that my left ear stuck out farther than my right. I thought I was imagining it, but Rachel confirmed. She checked with her dad, who's a plastic surgeon. Sure enough, otoplasty has a 10% attrition rate.

I was worried that I'd think about my ear nonstop for the rest of my life, but what happened was I forgot about it after a week or two, and then just remembered this week. Just in time for E.

Here's photographic EVIDENCE. Yes, I know I look ridiculous. I pretended to blog while I took the photo, so it would be authentic.


LH said...

They don't really seem to be sticking out more than everyday ears, but I'll look at ears today and get back to you about what I find out.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!

KC said...

They were much worse when I was a small child, but that left one is definitely coming undone.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it your right one? But I say you are beautiful too..

Rachel said...

I'd totally forgotten about the ear situation! How are the Dells? Been missing you at NUA this week.