Friday, July 16, 2010



Yesterday, on public radio I heard a writer, Barry Eisler, talking about how he likes to put his mistakes on his webpage. He categorizes his mistakes by novel and puts them right up there for people to see. For instance, one time he wrote that stun guns don't leave marks, but they do! He tried out a stun gun on his stomach to be sure, and he said he got two large red welts. So.

Here are some categories of mistakes I've made:


Once, after eight hours of parent-teacher conferences during my first year of teaching, I started to forget definitions of vocabulary words that parents were using in the conferences. Like "verbose." A dad used that word, and I just felt like my brain died.

Another time, in my second year of teaching, a really smart eighth grader used the word "reverie," which I thought at the time had a negative connotation. It turns out it doesn't. Sorry about that, Heather!

A third time, for some inexplicable reason, I agreed to be in charge of the Spelling Bee for four years or so. One year, I distributed some certificates of "acheivement" to top spellers. OOPS!


Last night, I lost hold of Mac at Shef's soccer game, and he ran onto the field and collapsed himself in the way of oncoming novice players. I had to bend over and get him, and I think my underwear showed when I did that.

I've dropped both kids while descending stairs. Neither hit their heads, thanks to Jesus. I was wearing slippery socks when both incidents occurred.

Several times per week, I go to work and start teaching with Mac's food hand prints on the back of my shirt.

Finally, I forgot to bring Mac's water bottle to his school today. I just discovered one of my bra straps is showing.


jdoc said...

I love this post and I also think you've uncovered next month's blogging challenge: daily mistakes. I know I'd have enough to write about.

I also love this statement I saw once on a t-shirt: "Bad spellers of the world untie!"

It's lame and brilliant at the same time.

LH said...

That guy has a cool website.
I made a mistake today. When someone asked to me to call a restaurant to arrange catering for lunch for 45 teachers next Friday, I said yes. After 2 phone calls that were complicated and frustrating, I freaked out to my boss. When she offered to make the call herself, I fixed my mistake and said, "YES, Please! You make this call."

Don't know why I'm so incompetent in the luncheon planning domain, but I really am.

Liz K said...

Remember that blog post wherein you talked about how funny pronto pup is and how many people tell him he is funny all the time? He's got nothing on you. I laughed out loud because -- I also often have food handprints on my shirts, etc.

KC said...


And jdoc and lh, mistakes are rampant. There's no doubt about it. Glad you passed off that catering deal, lee.