Saturday, July 17, 2010



Here are some rules from my high school cross country team:

NEVER stop at the bottom of the hill (that would be bad for the psyche, and running is 90% mental).

NEVER stop on a hill (that would be wimpy).

NEVER stop at the top of a hill (momentarily, you'll feel so much better).

Here's the rule from my college cross country team:

NEVER embarrass yourself, the team, or Vanessa. Vanessa was the coach.

These days, I have a few rules for my own personal running team of one, but I guess I try to frame them positively. Like, Believe in yourself! And, Try to run a couple of times per week! But, I do have one NEVER, which is: When training for a marathon, NEVER skip your long run. That's the key to finishing marathons on two or three runs per week.


LH said...

I see whole teams of runners running down our street fairly frequently. Seems like they are v. bonded. They even all look alike.

I'm heading out for Day 1 of Week 7 on the C25K. Wish me luck please! you've inspired me!!!!

kc said...

Running on a team is really fun, which is why I liked doing the track workouts last summer. Sadly, the track is getting resurfaced this year.

lh, I'm really proud of you for doing C25K. When are you doing your 5k??