Monday, July 12, 2010



I made a deal with Jesus that if the Apple people said my MacBook was okay after the spill, it would be a sign that I should return to the Catholic church. Despite this grand gesture on my part, the Apple people said we can expect the MacBook to die pretty soon.


Shef and I have been laughing our heads off at Fudge-A-Mania, another book by Judy Blume. We giggled all the way through the other Peter Hatcher books, too. On the way out of his room tonight, I said to Shef, "Good night, Stupid!" because that's the kind of thing the Hatchers say to their Myna bird, Uncle Feather. We laughed really hard about that, and then we had to say good night all over again.


We also laugh really hard at these books by Barbara Park, but we recently put one aside to start up with Fudge once again. I guess you can tell where our priorities lie.


I had coffee with her today. Good times! Fun reunion! Hoping to see her again soon!

JULY 21st

That's the day my sister arrives back here in Minneapolis. My sister, home at last after two-and-a-half years away.

"Why did you forsake me?" I asked her over IM last night.

"I didn't forsake you," she said. "I wrote you letters and called you and loved you."

Fair enough.


Anonymous said...

What?! No comments??? I will try to comment more often! Bon jour, stupid! That's something the bird said, too, if I recall. Thank goodness the Mac people will be keeping you from the Catholic church. I was raised Catholic, but geez it is a weird ritualistic church!

Gina Marie said...

Cracked up about your bargain with Jesus. I do stuff like that all the time too.

That's such a beautiful pic of Mare. Don't you just miss her laugh?! Gah I couldn't be more excited!

KC said...

N,I agree that I'm probably not meant to return to Catholicism. The rituals are actually what I like, but I don't like the misogyny or the homophobia or the hierarchy or the rampant sexual abuse.

Gina - I'm SO EXCITED! Also, maybe we can all get together for a drink sometime??

LH said...

I like the deal with Jesus. And I enjoy Junie B. as well.

How long did you have that macbook?
I never want mine to die.