Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Today,I had to lock myself in my classroom and seriously get to work. I have a grant to learn about scads of new tech tools and implement them into my blended courses. I've been working on and off.

For instance, last week, I learned about Prezi and made a Prezi about Blended Mass Media at my school. Prezi is pretty neat.

But one Prezi does not a course make. So, today, I made a podcast using Aviary's Myna tool. Aviary has lots of cool tools, including one called Roc that lets you make/mix your own music. I made this beat:

I realize my beat isn't all that cool, but I just wanted to try using Roc, okay?!

Then, I included my beat in my podcast about privacy and reputation on the internet. This podcast will be used as an example in Mass Media class and embedded on my Moodle site.

See? You can really tell I worked hard.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting technology...thanks for introducing it to me! The information on the End of Forgett is sobering and thought provoking. Can we really look at things as "in the moment?" Can we become more forgiving? It is an excellent goal but time will tell.


Gina Marie said...

Prezi sounds super neat. PPT is so dead, it actually pains me to open it these days. THX for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Another cool tool that's similar to Roc/Myna is http://www.audioorchard.com

KC said...

Mom - yeah, the "end of forgetting" was very sobering. The experts in the article were surmising that we'd have no choice but to accept that people evolve and be more forgiving because SO MANY people share their lives on the internet these days. I have been burned myself by oversharing, so I understand the potential consequences very well.

Gina - here's a link to my Prezi on Mass Media. http://prezi.com/zodbqtaq74k8/blended-mass-media/ It took me a little while to figure out, but it's really pretty neat. I think each Prezi I make could be progressively cooler. ;)

jdoc said...

I enjoyed the beat and want to keep learning about these tools! Keep up the good WORK!

LH said...

I liked your beat a lot. Now I too want to make a beat.