Sunday, July 18, 2010



I like to use this expression even though I think it makes me sound nerdy and OLD. Most often I use it when I'm discussing things I used to do before the children were born. Crazy things like grabbing my gym bag and shouting over my shoulder to Dan on the way out the door, "Hey, I'm going to go work out!" Doing that instead of planning weeks in advance who will exercise when and what the others will be doing during that time.


This is how Mac says Old MacDonald. It really cracks me up.


Once in 2002 we went on a sailing trip with Dan's parents, and we heard on the boat's radio a message for a vessel named Ooo La La. When the guy on the radio called for the boat, he repeated the name three times fast: ooolalaooolalaooolala. It sounded really funny, and it turns out it's really fun to say. So, to this day we randomly say that to each other or to ourselves. It's a habit with no downside, as far as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

At least it seems more appropriate than what Bob and I sometimes say to one another just because we enjoy saying it: Bend over and use your good eye.

That comes from an interview with a minor league umpire on Fresh Air when the interviewer -- one of the subs, not Terry Gross -- asked the guest to tell the best thing anyone had ever yelled at him from the stands.

And while it does have a context where it "could" be appropriate, we are never in that context when we say it.

mem in CA

jdoc said...

We love to say Old School around here too. We also love to watch Old School around here. Great movie.

kc said...

mem, that is so hilarious. I read your comment out loud to dan. I'm planning on stealing that expression from time to time, as well.

jdoc, I LOVE OLD SCHOOL. Also, i have a lot of work to do. Study date??

Jill said...

Ah yes, I also fondly remember those days when you could spontaneously head out to the gym... and I have only one kiddo.

Well, peace out...