Saturday, October 22, 2011

Am I Original?

Last week, Lee started an initiative called #CalmTilChristmas.  Many have joined the list of supporters, and I'm proud to announce right now that I am among them.

Coincidentally, I am also launching my own initiative.  Dan has made fun of it on a regular weekly schedule, but I'm pretty sure that's because he's just jealous.  My commitment is to the #FridayTen.  Each week, I've been donating ten dollars of my weekly cash allowance to an organization of my choice.

The first week, I chose The Advocates for Human Rights Women's Program. You can check out their Stop Violence Against Women Website.  My sister Mary works for this particular organization.  As far as I can tell, they're doing a lot of good work by both raising awareness and fighting legal battles here and abroad.

The next week, I picked the Groveland Food Shelf in Minneapolis.  Groveland has a special Food for Youth program that supports kids up to age 23 who are homeless or who are at risk of being homeless.

This week, I picked The Current, which is the music station associated with Minnesota Public Radio.  They were having a membership drive, and I kept feeling guiltier and guiltier about not being a member.  Plus, I viewed this contribution as a statement against Big Media, an issue which my great Senator Al Franken has also taken up.

Every week, it's fun to pick which place will get my ten dollars.  It's also fun to get made fun of by Dan, who has not contributed ten dollars.

Maybe you want to do the #FridayTen, too?  Or maybe you just want to do the #FridayFive?  Or perhaps you just want to read about where my #FridayTen is going?  In any case, I welcome you to my initiative!!


LH said...

I'll try to do a Friday 5. I think I'll give out random Starbucks cards. That will bring some cheer to some peeps.

KC said...

This is a great idea. The Friday Five will bring a lot of happiness to your crew. Congratulations!!