Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Been Cool With the Lines

So, took the kids to the neighborhood park today.  I was just hanging with Mac at the zip line and the jungle gym.  Exchanging a few parenting-type comments with the guy next to me, when I realized the guy next to me was totally DONOVAN McNABB.

Back when I used to play fantasy football, I had that guy on my team. And you may not know this, but Donovan is a quarterback with the (sucky sucky) Vikings this year. 

I tried to act reasonably normal.  In retrospect, I might have recognized him sooner since he was really much larger than the average dad at the park.  Eventually, Dan came over from throwing the football with Shef and confirmed that I had indeed been speaking to a famous NFL player.  He acted like it was totally normal and did not at all respond to my excited whispers.

Dan spent the next ten minutes just hanging out with the kids, thirty feet away from McNabb.  No biggie.

Then, when the QB his fam piled into their black SUVs and drove away, Dan started furiously typing on his iPhone.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm emailing all my friends about the sighting!!" he said.

So, then I knew this was big news after all.


LH said...

Husbandman just had to point out that I was mispronouncing
Donovan. I was saying it like the 60's singer. Anyway, we both think this
Is really neat.

mm said...

I hope he speaks more clearly in person than he does on television. It's still really cool.

dw said...

I did not type "furiously." I typed with mild and detached interest.

Jill said...

The Eagles fans here in Delaware (most people follow Philly teams) are happy he is hanging out with you at the park. Not that they are much better off without him.