Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shake It To The Left

This has been a big week at work: my first formal observation, tons of meetings, preconferencing with the children (I have to do 30-minute conferences with each of my advisees and their families after speaking with all of their teachers), starting two new units, PLUS my commitment to Jillian Michaels and her shred.

On Tuesday, the counselor whose room is just right next door to mine expressed that she too was feeling overwhelmed. 

"I'm so tired," she sighed, "but it's Friday, so it's cool."

I laughed really hard at that.  I've been laughing hard about it for three days now, and it's still not Friday.


LH said...

I can imagine the disappointment when your pal learned she had the wrong day.

kc said...

She was joking, I think, but she was still disappointed. I like that counselor. She's wacky in a really fun way.

LH said...

It's fun to meet new pals at new jobs.

This new place sounds really good.