Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hump

People at my new job keep giving me pep talks about surviving my first year.  It's really sweet of them.  They say stuff like:

"After back-to-school week, you'll feel much better."

Or, "Don't worry, after we get back from camp, things really settle down."

Or, "Once you get through Curriculum Night, you can breathe a sigh of relief"

Or, "After Legacy Day, things really feel normal."

Or, "Once you get your first observation under your belt, you'll know what to expect."

And, "Hang in there, after conferences, you'll get into a routine."

I have a feeling these talks will continue.  Luckily, yesterday my new pal Kaari summed things up for me:

"Let's go out for a glass of wine after conferences.  Because the first time you survive anything in this place is a cause for celebration."


LH said...

I like that you're working with a crew that pulls together over the humps and bumps. I'm glad for you!

KC said...

It's nice to have all these people watching my back, I've got to say. I do miss my pals at EHS, though. Those were some nice peeps, too.