Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something I Want to Remember

I've been meaning forever to blog something: It's that Mac can't say his "th" sound yet, which makes him the most adorable speaker ever.

Shef didn't have this quality in his speech. Instead, he spoke perfectly clearly with an old-man gravelly type voice as a one year-old.  That was adorable in its own way, but when Mac says stuff like, "I love to play wis my brudder," it really melts my heart.

You can hear a couple of examples of lovely toddler affectation in this classic YouTube video from last June


Gina Marie said...

This. Is. Fabulous. I watched it several times in a row.

LH said...

Mac's fab. I should make up a little song for him sometime.
I'm spending a lot of time in our new preschool this week, not really by choice, but out of necessity. 3's and 4's are pretty darned fun. When they're not slapping you in the face, or calling you MONSTER!

Kc said...

Another thing is that he says "sumping" instead of something. I love this. Thanks for the comments, pals!!!

LH, I do not think I could teach preschool. I'm not even sure about elementary. I'm not even sure about sixth grade. You elementary folk are heroic, IMO.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Oh man this is like waking up to find out that your favorite episode of Boy Meets World is on tv, except that this one is short enough to watch a million times and not be late for school.

Thanks for reviving!