Monday, October 3, 2011

Plan Z

You were probably wondering about the latest in the sleep situation at our house. Well, let me tell you: it's been a full queen bed around here lately. But don't feel too badly for me because sometimes I can convince one of them to camp out on the floor. That way they're NEXT TO my bed, instead of in it.

My latest spate of Internet research turned up a sleep solution that worked for a couple of days, wherein I would go check on Mac every fifteen minutes, but only if he was quiet. The problem with this strategy is that you have to go up there every fifteen minutes and the kid doesn't actually fall asleep for hours. Because I guess it's a lot of fun to wait for the checks. I still haven't completely given up on this strategy, but I've added another component:

Tonight I tried a very special sleeping medicine that I whipped up and administered via syringe. I made a big deal out of this placebo. What happened? Shef read for an hour in his bed and then fell asleep. Mac cried for an hour about how he couldn't sleep. I told him the medicine only works if you lie in your bed and close your eyes. In the dark. He didn't really buy this, but eventually he did get in bed and is now sleeping.

I'll probably try everything again tomorrow night.


LH said...

I like how you keep trying. At a much earlier point I probably would have given up and just let them run wild all night. Not really, but maybe.

When our kiddos hit 6th or 7th grade they started staying up late again. We would go to bed and hear them bumping around at midnight. That has continued to this day. Also somewhat annoying, but not as bad.

Jill said...

My god, SavvyMom. I really don't know how you can function with this going on in your house. I feel like my (/our family's) sleep woes lasted only a blink of an eye in comparison (ok, it was 2.5 years), and I am still completely traumatized. You must have learned to live on very little rest, and/or you drink a whole whole lot of coffee.

KC said...

Thanks for the support, pals. I do both of those things Jill - little rest + nonstop caffeine.

LH, you raise an excellent point about the coming middle school years. I would be willing at this point to bag the sleep battles with Shef because MS is only 4 years away. But for Mac, it's 8. I feel I still need to fight the fight.

jdoc said...

I am really hoping the sleep medicine works for the boys. You are one creative, albeit tired, mom!

Anonymous said...

FWIW- Tyson has been having some issues of late and I found some Hyland's sleep tabs at the grocery store that i have been giving him. Not sure if they work but he seems to think they do. (probably just the placebo effect) We also do Benadryl about once or twice a week. I have also heard good things about chewable melatonin. I think you can get it at whole foods. I looked for it at our regular grocery store and couldn't find it. Haven't tried online yet, not that desperate. I know Mac is a little younger but I wouldn't hesitate to do Benadryl some night you just need a good sleep. Maybe you have and it doesn't work either. If so, I REALLY feel for you!!!