Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go Ahead With Your Own Life

Today I went to a workshop in the morning.  I'm really glad I went there.  The expert said some interesting things about formative assessment, and I'm probably going to read his book. The book is called Embedded Formative Assessment.  Probably, if you're not a teacher you wouldn't be interested in that book at all, but whatever.  A lot of you are teachers.  So.

Anyway, the trouble happened when I came back to school.  Apparently, the sub who had committed to taking my class was sick.  Then, the administrative coordinator didn't get his message that he was sick.  Then, instead of telling anyone that no teacher had shown up to teach their class, my students hid in the back of the room in the dark with the door closed.

Finally, they were discovered by one of my bosses.  Then another boss came down to teach the class.  Sadly, I had emailed the lesson plan to the sub instead of leaving it on my desk, so there was no plan, only handouts.

This isn't the best way for things to turn out when you're gone at a workshop.  It's actually much easier to just be there, but then you wouldn't learn interesting things about formative assessment.

The end.


LH said...

Have you ever read Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher about the jr. high kids who don't report that their sub didn't show up??? One of my all time faves.

Your kids appear to be a v. awesome group. Kudos to them and to their phenomenal teacher!

kc said...

I will get that book ASAP. The kids are pretty great. Today they denied hiding. They also denied that the lights were off. They said they were completely innocent.

LH said...

They probably were. Let's face it.