Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here's a Thorn

It appears that our heater is not working. It's set for 64, but it's currently 56. I'm pretty cold. I've done some investigating, and the heater is making some noise like it's working, but none of the radiators are actually warm. With that check, and by turning off the system and turning it on again, I have exhausted my ability to troubleshoot this particular problem.

So, we have called the emergency heater fixers. Will they make it? We're having the first snow of the season, people. It would be great to have some heat.

Rose: Mac appears not to be bothered by the lack of heat. I snuggled with that kid for about an hour and a half, and during that time I wasn't bothered either.


dw said...

This is a thorn. I am so sorry that you are going through this!

LH said...

I too am sorry. Remember that time you and jdoc came to visit and
our heater didn't work, but I didn't notice. We were all wearing our coats in the house! #crazytalk

jdoc said...

The snuggling is definitely a rose in this thorny situation. Come on heat fixers!

mm said...

I think the lack of heat gave you a chance to snuggle, so it's more of a rose (kind of).

KC said...

Thanks for the support, pals! I was optimistic for awhile about the heat, just as I was that one time in Bloomington, LH. Oh well. Sometimes you just end up having to pay thousands of dollars for the boiler.