Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mississipi Riv-er

Mac's school started offering violin lessons during extended day, and Mac wanted to play. The Suzuki teacher was going to show right up at school every day and instruct him, and we'd never have to commit to at-home practice.  That was a major plus because we both remember behaving like absolute terrors during at-home practice when we were kids.

We might look happy here as preschool violinists (I was especially happy in my shiny red knickers), but as I moved through elementary school,  I remember screaming, crying, lying, and pouting over my practice sessions.  Finally, after like eight or nine years of lessons, I shoved the instrument under my bed and refused to play ever, ever again.

Now, despite that crazy finish to my violin career, I find myself excited about Mac's lessons. I remember all the songs. I can even kind of play "Twinkle Twinkle," "Lightly Row," and "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" on his tiny little 32nd sized instrument.  To tell the truth, I'm even thinking of taking some lessons again myself.
This time around, if I don't feel like practicing, I probably won't cry. I'll probably just take a couple days off.


unabashed liberal said...

You and Mac can play duets. There is a great Suzuki duets book that goes with book 1. I can't wait for your joint recitals.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Can't get over these pics! The legacy continues.

dw said...

I will not be picking the violin back up, but it's nice that Mac's so into it.

mm said...

I love the photos (and the stylish pants).

LH said...

The pics are great. I had no idea you were a violinist in days of yore.

V. cool.