Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Initiative

The eighth graders at my school give persuasive speeches to a big audience of their peers.  We've been working away in class on these speeches for weeks now.  In the last few sessions, the kids have engaged in a master class with a totally rad speech coach who uses theater techniques to help them gain confidence, poise, and to use their body energy and voices to their fullest potential! 

During the coaching session today, a kid gave an interesting talk on how the act of giving increases your happiness and health.  I'm so glad to hear it!  In fact, the #FridayTen giving initiative has considerably increased my happiness.  So far, I've given ten-dollar contributions to EIGHT different organizations.

One of the most fun parts about the giving is that I usually make the donation in honor of someone, usually the person who told me about the organization.  Occasionally, the organization will send that person a card telling them about the gift.  This brings THEM happiness!  The goodness of #FridayTen goes on and on!

On Thanksgiving, I'm planning on making a follow-up #FridayTen video in order to collect a new list of organizations that might get to receive contributions. So, attention Thanksgiving dinner attendees: the video process will go more smoothly and you'll feel less harassed by me if you come with an acceptable organization (not associated with "conservative values" or the GOP) in mind.  Also, please be willing to appear on camera.  This will save a lot of coercion and increase everyone's happiness!

Last weekend, my bio-mom expressed her approval for #FridayTen, which once again brought me happiness.  "I'm surprised that hasn't totally taken off," she said.  I was flattered, but I'm pretty sure she was overestimating the reach of this blog.


LH said...

I've been doling out ten spots like they're going out of style, but I don't always do it on a Friday. And sometimes it's in the form of starbucks cards, or book donations. And sometimes it's cash. Thanks for getting me rolling on the Friday 10. Looking forward to the vid. You should give some $ to Marcy Open School in honor of me some time. They did a fine job with my kids. Or that great mill museum. Q was up in Minnesota for a journalism conference last weekend and suggested to his pals that they go there. They did and everyone enjoyed it. GO MINNESOTA!!!

mm said...

True story... As I was reading this post I was feeling guilty. I should join you with the Friday 10. Maybe I'll do Friday 5 I thought, but the truth is my spending has been more selfish of late. Kudos to you. Maybe I'll try for the month of December. Fair?

I did buy a bunch of Christmas gifts (post idea for today) because proceeds will be given to a charitable organization.

kc said...

LH, I will add your organizations to my list and THANK YOU for handing out ten spots!! Has it increased your happiness? I did LOL a little about Marcy because do you remember when you told me that "It was kind of hard to swallow that it was a complete waste of a year?"

MM - You can tell me an organization you'd like to support, and I will give them ten dollars! It's that easy!

jdoc said...

I've been lax on the Friday $. It's never too late to start, right?

KC said...

Never too late! And, you don't have to do it regularly in order to be part of the movement!!

LH said...

Yeah, but they think of that school really fondly, so I've got to be happy about that. Don't know what I was thinking about the Mill Museum? But I guess we all remember that place fondly too.

dw said...

I have always been a huge supporter of Friday 10. Usually, I spend it on myself, though.