Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Imagine You're Too Familiar

Tonight, I went to an event where author Eula Biss read from her book Notes from No Man's Land and answered questions about it.

Usually, I borrow from Lee and say that "if you want to read it, you should." I'm going a little bit further with this one and say that even if you have the slightest inkling to read about whiteness in a book by a white author, this is a book you should probably pick up. Our school had it as our One Book, so there were quite a few awesome colleagues at the event also listening to Ms. Biss.

There were also some people I didn't know, including Katie.

Guess what?!? And this is probably the best thing that's happened to me in a long time: Katie recognized me and told me SHE READS THE BLOG! That means I was recognized in public as a blogger by a person who reads my blog.

Omigod! I am over the moon! I thought about taking a picture of Katie and posting it right here as a public tribute to my reader. But, I resisted that temptation. I did not resist telling Katie that I HAD the temptation, however.

I told her all of that (and probably some other stuff) because I'm prone to babble on and on and share personal information when I get nervous. In fact, Dan and Erin teamed up to mock this trait of mine just last night.

Luckily, I didn't say, "I have hemorrhoids on my butt," which is what Dan suggested is the type of thing I generally say to strangers when I'm nervous. And I didn't even say anything about my psoriasis. So THERE, Dan. I have total self control.


LH said...

This post made me feel quite a bit of envy.
But that's okay. A blogger's life is full of emotion and pathos.

kc said...

Does it make you feel better to know that Katie is a friend of jdoc's? So, really she is like a cousin once-removed who recognized me. Still. I have never met her before nor interacted online with her before and jdoc was not present.

I'm always envious of your blog because it's so flipping good. I think this is, as you say, par for the course in a blogger's life.

Miss u!!!

Pat said...

I have never thought of you as someone who blabbers or gets nervous!

LH said...

That does make me feel a little better. Thx for the reassurance.

I'm at a conference right now. just fyi

Anonymous said...

This is Katie, delurking. It was fun to meet you in person!

kc said...

Hi, Katie!! Obviously, meeting you was a huge highlight. :)