Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Shimmery Purple

I'm watching a What Not to Wear that's really stressing me out.  The contributor doesn't want to listen to anything that Stacy and Clinton have to say.

Why won't she listen?  Why is she wearing short shorts and too-small tops?  Why is she saying mean stuff about Clinton's outfit? Why won't she spend the money and look awesome? 

Also, she won't cut her hair or stop wearing false eyelashes.  I saw a little teaser that makes it seem like Stace and Clinton are going to give her old stuff back and send her home.  That's never happened before!

It's crazy!  She's driving me insane!  But I can't stop watching the show.  I can barely type because I'm so mesmerized.


mm said...

Well, did they send her home?

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Yeah, did they?

KC said...

They offered her her old stuff back, but she decided to keep her new stuff and just be bratty about it. Annoyzballs.

LH said...

She couldn't have both?

KC said...

No. If you pick the 5000 make-over, you can't keep your old stuff. That's the rules.