Thursday, December 29, 2011


Something about Shef that I may never have mentioned: he only wears pants with elastic waistbands. If you think of suggesting that he wear, oh say, jeans or khakis, he throws a fit. Like, he might even shed some tears. Then you end up getting really annoyed that he's whining about BUTTONS, when you're really such a reasonable, even bordline permissive, parent.

So, this situation being reality for the last four years, you can imagine my shock when the kid got dressed for the day in a pair of dark jeans and a hoodie.

Is this growing up?

Later he showed me a list of rules he's written for Dan and me. Rule #3 reads, "No kissing me without asking."

So it goes.


mm said...

What else is on the list? Sounds entertaining.

LH said...

I'd be prone to break that rule many times a day, probs.

Shef's one adorbs kid.

kc said...

Yeah, I break that rule all the times.

Some of the others are easier to follow like, don't play my video games. No prob kid.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a sign of growing up! nana