Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hark How the Bells

Here's the big news: I made it to Winter Break!  This seems like quite a large accomplishment, and I'm stoked to have the next two weeks off.

To kick off the break, we went out for dinner with some pals at a place called Cafe Maude.  It was quite delicious and festive.  This morning, I had my violin lesson (hw: The Book 1 Folk Songs and more Christmas Carols) and we finished up some shopping while the children chilled at Nana's.

Not a bad Saturday.  Not bad at all.

And, here's a video of the slam poet that performed at my middle school on Friday.  I really love my school.


mm said...

Four days left and I'll join you on winter break... I hope I make it too!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

This is a very cool video.

(LEE, not ROS)