Monday, December 5, 2011

For the Longest Time

Today was great but interminable.

I went skiing with Mac. It was his first time skiing. Overall, it was fabulous. Mac was cheerful and resilient. I was patient and proud. Our only snafu was the time that I fell while getting us onto the magic carpet, and had to endure the shocked stares of a couple of eleven year-olds who were pretty peeved by the delay and underwhelmed by my repeated failures to right the situation.

No one's perfect, okay kids? That's the message.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I went snow-tubing at place close to Bloomington called ski world with a youth group when I was in sixth grade or so. After a few runs, I was waiting at the bottom for my friend to slide down and I had the compulsion to just stand right in front of her trajectory and fly into the air when we collided. All of which happened.

It's the kind of stunt that would look really dumb if a 12 year old boys had done it, but for some reason seemed to look more dumb when a 12 year old girl did it.

Hmm. That's kind of a weird memory I haven't shored up in a while. I'm glad Mac had a more graceful day. Amped to see the pix!

mm said...

They're 11. You know this.

Good job at the proud and patient.

LH said...

You took a ski day?

We don't have those. I took a "sit on my couch day" on Friday. It was just so so.

kc said...

Oh no. i realize this isn't so clear. I took Mac skiing from 6-8 pm when Shef also had ski practice. This was after a full day of labor. Sigh.

dw said...

Can't wait to see the pics! He was so proud!

LH said...

He does look v. jubilant.

Maybe he'll be in the Olympics some day. He's starting young and he
has the passion.