Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tour

Mother of the Year Alert: After playing board games and getting the oil changed and purchasing new cookie cutters and visiting the public library for more Secrets of Droon and taking the children to the dentist AND practicing my violin, I drove us over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, per Shef's request. 

His school has an ongoing thing with the MIA, and they visit multiple times per year.  Also, the MIA currently has a cool exhibit of Japanese art called EDO POP, and his class is studying Japan.  So, he went to the museum last week.

This was handy because we had a personal, experienced tour guide.  A built-in guide who knew the location of just about every nude in the whole place.  And, this is where the Mother of the Year thing really started falling apart for today.

"Hey, Mac!  Look at this penis up here!"

"There's another one in this room, Mac! And Mom, the penises all look like Mac's because the skin isn't cut off."

"This is funny - on this one you can see some girl's private fur."

Mac got into it by pointing out the butts.  "Look at that big butt, Mom!"  Also, "Let's look at that penis girl."

I'm not sure what a penis girl is.  I think it's a woman featured in a portrait who happens to be nude.  I don't know.  But, as Dan put it, we sure are glad that Shef has had this wonderful educational opportunity to frequent the art museum.  Can't wait to visit again.  Hope it's really crowded next time because that wouldn't be embarrassing at all.


mm said...

Mother of the Year!

jdoc said...

Congratulations! A well-deserved honor.

LH said...

That kid knows his art! Yay SHEF! (And Mac, who is picking art history up like a champ!)

Great post, friend!