Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Back Aches, My Pants Are Tight

Well, not really.  But, it's time to publicly admit that I have a wicked cold.  I've been in denial about this now for three days, but... the facts are these:
  • I have a sore throat
  • I have a post nasal drip that probably causes the sore throat
  • I have a sinus pressure-induced headache
  • I feel foggy, probably because I've taken decongestant pills to partially relieve the symptoms listed above.
And, perhaps the most telling:
  • I'm feeling sorry for myself.
Everyone knows that the cure for this affliction is sweatpants and television.  I'm going to try to get right on that.


Maggie said...

I am in a similar situation. I have resorted to watching Ally McBeal on Netflix instant stream.

KC said...

Ally sounds good. I decided I'd try to finish up with Tim Riggins, but the kids are always around. It's just not appropriate for kids.

mm said...

I have most of your symptoms without the sore throat. My wardrobe of sweatpants and a flannel will need to change before I visit the PT.

LH said...

how are you now? Update please.