Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Status Report

Day three of break. It was another great day with the children. I took them to a play, took them to lunch, and took Mac for a a haircut before orchestrating a playdate for Shef, grocery shopping, and making the pieces of gingerbread for our annual house extravaganza.

Why is break always like this? Like, completely nonstop?

I didn't get a good "after" pic of Mac's hair (it's way short - shorter than I expected), but I did get this nice pic of them doing their thing in the Great Clips.

Never a dull moment with these two, I'm telling you.


jdoc said...

Shef seems to have a lot of school spirit. And just spirit in general. Love this photo!

LH said...

You're doing a lot. I hope you have a thai massage scheduled. That's my goal for after Christmas. It could be yours as well, if you wanted it to be.

Jill said...

I want a malt from Annie's.

mm said...

The malts do look awesome. Merry Christmas!