Monday, December 19, 2011

Long, Long Ago

Yesterday, the Geek Squad came to our house and helped us install some new electronics. This upgrade has been a dream of Dan's for a long time. Before we went to bed on Saturday, he looked at me and said, "Tomorrow's my Christmas."

And I'm happy for him.

Surprisingly, I also love having a tv in my room. Putting on your pajamas and getting under the cozy covers, remote in hand... how did I miss the magic of this for all those years?

To celebrate, I brought my Gilmore Girls Season Two DVDs up to watch before sleep. Checked on Shef and found him restless.

"I can't sleep," he said. "It's BREAK!"

I motioned him down the hall and into the bed. "You can watch my show with me," I said.

And then, something magical happened: Shef loves The Gilmore Girls! He can't get enough of them! It's like he thinks he's watching something really grown up. He catches like every third joke, and then he laughs really hard. He's also pretty good at picking up on the foreshadowing.

"Will Lorelai marry Max?" he asked, after she finally told Luke about the engagement.

"What do you think?" I answered.

"No," he said. "She won't."

Good call, kid. And here's to watching all seven seasons again. Not too many years until we can do the West Wing.


LH said...

Jammies, comfy in bed, telly. It really doesn't get much better than that. Happy for all of you!

dw said...

Let's not get too used to Gilmore Girls on the new tv upstairs. How about Ninja Assassin next time?

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Just be careful with "Cheers".