Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Imagine Me and You

Another beautiful fall day here. Taught a lesson about Express Lane Editing, a brilliant idea I read about in a book by Jeff Anderson. You put a box on your page with a list of items to check out - 10 items or less. My items were about using apostrophes correctly. Then, you put your fixes on your "Receipt." Receipt makes you feel hella accomplished.

"What happens if you don't have any items on your receipt?" a kid asked.


Bottom line is, we can all find errors in our work. Let's just be honest with ourselves.


mm said...

I like this... please send me more information.

kc said...

mm - I super recommend Mechanically Inclined by Anderson. It's a GREAT book about incorporating grammar, mechanics, and style into writers' workshop. Just started using it this year, have delivered four lessons, all have been successful.

LH said...

Is it mostly for the bigs?

kc said...

I'd say the target is MS; although it could be useful for 4-5-6, and I heard about it from a pal who teaches 9-10-11. Some fun stuff in there, for sure.

jdoc said...

Love that book!